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Hospitalization Supplement Insurance


When it comes to supplement insurance that is designed to enhance your basic Medicare coverage, the insurance experts at Jon Nolan Insurance offer a wide variety of options. One of the most popular is hospitalization supplement insurance.

The cost of medical care, especially hospital stays, can quickly add up. Hospitalization Insurance, also called Hospital Indemnity, can help you prepare your budget for unexpected medical costs resulting from a hospital stay.

What is Hospitalization Insurance?

Hospitalization insurance is supplement insurance. It provides coverage over and above the health insurance coverage that is compulsory by law under Medicare. It covers medical expenses in case of hospitalization due to illness, accident, childbirth, and other provisions.

Benefits of Hospitalization Insurance

Some of the primary benefits of hospitalization insurance include:

  • No need to meet a deductible to receive your benefits
  • No network limitations. The cost is the same for in-network or out-of-network coverage
  • Benefit payments are yours to use as you decide
  • Coverage is available for the entire family
  • Coverage is renewable until age 65

With our large portfolio of companies to choose from, we will find the perfect policy to meet your needs and your budget. For more information, call us today.

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Jon is absolutely fantastic to work with.

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Jon always has time to help me. He knows health insurance so well.

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I appreciate his professional and personal approach.

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He's knowledgeable, trustworthy, patient, kind, and very professional.

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