Cancer Supplement Insurance in Dallas-Fort Worth

If you have a family history of cancer or other factors that place you at a higher risk of contracting the disease, you may be concerned that your basic healthcare plan won’t provide enough coverage for costly cancer treatments. In that case, a cancer insurance policy might give you some peace of mind.

For more than 20 years, Jon Nolan Insurance has been providing the most trustworthy cancer supplement insurance services for customers in DallasFort WorthArlingtonFrisco, and throughout our DFW service area. It’s important to note that you are only eligible for this kind of insurance prior to a diagnosis, so you want to think about buying a cancer policy before you could potentially need it.

Other supplement coverage options we address include critical illnessheart attack & strokehigh deductible gaphospitalization, and more. Our agents also write policies that cover term life insurancewhole life insurancefinal expense insuranceMedicare insurance, and health insurance. For more information, click here or give us a call at 469-382-4818.

Cancer Supplement Insurance in Dallas-Fort Worth

What Does Cancer Insurance Cover?

A cancer policy is designed to fill the financial gaps when benefits stop being paid or expenses are not covered under a basic health insurance policy. Cancer insurance can help pay for both medical and nonmedical costs like co-pays, deductibles, lengthy hospital stays, diagnostics tests, treatments and procedures, child care, travel and lodging expenses, lost income, and more.

Cancer policies vary on eligibility requirements and on the specifics of what is covered and how payments are made. Some pay a lump sum when you receive a cancer diagnosis, while others pay for specific treatment and care expenses, either directly to the provider or to you.

Cancer insurance is not to be confused with critical illness insurance. A critical illness policy normally pays out a lump sum for diagnosis of specific illnesses such as heart attack, kidney failure, or organ transplants. Some companies offer a combined critical illness/cancer policy.

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Trust Jon Nolan Insurance for Cancer Supplement Insurance in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX 

At Jon Nolan Insurance, we provide a wide array of supplement coverage for our customers, including cancer supplement insurance. We also provide all types of Medicare and "under 65" healthcare coverage options, as well as helping self-employed and small business owners meet their insurance needs. With our large portfolio of companies to choose from, we will find the perfect policy to meet your needs and your budget. For more information, call us today at 469-382-4818 or click here to make an appointment.

The benefits of working with Jon Nolan include:

  • Independent provider
  • Over 20 years in the health & financial services
  • Focus on Medicare & "under 65" healthcare for families
  • Self-employed & Small Business Insurance Services
  • Includes life, dental & vision
  • Supplemental insurance like accident protection, cancer, critical illness & hospital indemnity

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